How to get backtrace (on Linux)?

The backtrace is useful when the application crashes or freezes. You might use the following steps:

1. Rebuild BitlBee with --debug=1 (if you're using the Debian packages from you don't need to do this)

2. Start the debugger with the binary and log the output:

gdb --args ./bitlbee -v -n -D 2>&1 | tee /tmp/gdb.log

3. Inside the debugger, start the application:


4. Do the steps to reproduce the application crash or freeze. If the freeze is the case, you need to press CTRL-C in gdb to get the gdb commandline back.

5. Produce the backtrace:


6. Quit the debugger


7. Attach the whole gdb.log to the bug report. Remember to include the exact BitlBee version used to create your backtrace.

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