How to set up Matrix with purple-matrix

It is possible to communicate with matrix on bitlbee via libpurple and purple-matrix

Building and Installing

Ubuntu packages

Pre-built binaries are available for Ubuntu since version 17.04 (Zesty Zapus). You should be able to install them giving the following commands in a terminal window:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install purple-matrix

ArchLinux package

There package purple-matrix-git is available for Archlinux in AUR. The package works with bitlbee-libpurple-git and perhaps bitlbee-libpurple too.

Building from source

Building the plugin from source you will need development headers/libraries for the following:

You should then be able to:

$ git clone
$ cd purple-matrix
$ make
$ sudo make install


Add the account with:

> account add matrix @<username>:<homeserver> <password>
> account matrix on


> account add matrix password
> account matrix on

Known Issues

Spam in &bitlbee

matrix - Connected messages being spammed in &bitlbee, does not seem to affect functionality. See Github issue #31

It's possible to hide the messages in most irc clients.


/ignore -regexp -pattern matrix.*Connected &bitlbee


/filter add matrix_conn_msg *&bitlbee * matrix.*Connected

Human friendly chatroom names

chat names in matrix-purple are identified by ID in bitlbee and not with human friendly names, see GitHub issue #55

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