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[DIFF] 04:06 Info dx remove mention of p2p style groupchats, the other client is dead
[DIFF] 04:03 Info dx simplify reference to filter channels version, 3.4 has been out for a while
[DIFF] 22:22 Info mobile-107-77-165-8 [1-4]
[DIFF] 01:54 Info dx update warning box to match the other pages
[DIFF] 01:22 Info dx [1-2] #01 reorder protocols
#02 the skype API based plugins are dead
[DIFF] 01:16 Info dx it's dead
[DIFF] 01:16 Info dx
[DIFF] 12:58 Info 62
[DIFF] 21:07 Info dx remove old stuff from "version reference" section
[DIFF] 17:11 Info 2800:810:46b:747:76d4:35ff:feeb:fa02 cool gdb tricks
[DIFF] 06:25 Info 160-3-193-247 Working link for convert_purple.py


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