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How to connect to StudiVZ/MeinVZ/SchuelerVZ XMPP Services via !BitlBee

StudiVZ decided to release experimental support for XMPP connections from outside clients.

In the following example we are using the login credentials:

Username/E-Mail: frank@gmx.net

Password: password

   1 00:44:31 <@dynamite> account add jabber frank\\40gmx.net@vz.net password
   2 00:44:31 <@root> Account successfully added
   3 00:44:32 <@dynamite> account list
   4 00:44:32 <@root>  0 (jabber): jabber, frank\40gmx.net@vz.net
   5 00:44:32 <@root> End of account list
   6 00:44:51 <@dynamite> account 0 set server jabber.vz.net
   7 00:44:51 <@root> server = `jabber.vz.net'

Note: When adding the account username you will need to escape the \40 with a leading \ ( which makes it: \\40 )


jabber.vz.net (studiVZ+meinVZ) jabber.schuelervz.net (SchuelerVZ)

Port: 5222 (5223 SSL support)



Username:  frank\\40gmx.net@schuelervz.net  (The @ in your E-Mail address will be substituted with an \40)


Username:  frank\40gmx.net@studivz.net  (The @ in your E-Mail address will be substituted with an \40)

Like facebook onsite chat StudiVZ also appears with numeric usernames, when first connecting. This is also to be fixed setting the nick_source account setting to full_name.

account X set nick_source full_name

Where X is the ID of your connection.


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