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 * (New since [[http://code.bitlbee.org/lh/wilmer/ui-fix/revision/668?start_revid=668|revision 668]]:) Since the syntax of the `account set` command has confused many people for a very long time, it was changed slightly. Instead of `account set acc/key value` you now type `account acc set key value`, so just the usual set command syntax, with `account acc` in front of it to indicate you're changing an account setting. For consistency, the other subcommands also had their arguments swapped, i.e. `account acc on` instead of `account on acc`.
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00:34:44 <@wilmer> chan set 2 00:34:44 <@wilmer> chan 2 set
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00:34:52 <@wilmer> chan set 2/fill_by account 00:34:52 <@wilmer> chan 2 set fill_by account
Line 34: Line 35:
00:35:13 <@wilmer> chan set 2/account msn 00:35:13 <@wilmer> chan 2 set account msn

BitlBee ui-fix branch, or: BitlBee TNG

Over the last months I've rewritten most of the IRC core of BitlBee. This was on the roadmap for a long time, but more a long term plan. Many feature requests were postponed "until the IRC core rewrite is done", etc. Now, this work is finally done (or at least nearing completion).

The branch can be found at http://code.bitlbee.org/wilmer/ui-fix/. Debian packages are also available, as usual. The branch is based on the killerbee branch, so it also has the file transfer/libpurple functionality.

Here's a quick summary of all the changes. Right now this Wiki page is the only form of documentation for most of the new functionality, the built-in help may lag on some subjects.

  • &bitlbee is a channel like any others. You can leave it and just rejoin it later when you want. You're no longer automatically forced back into it.

  • Another old annoying restriction finally lifted: You can now change your nickname.
  • (New since revision 668:) Since the syntax of the account set command has confused many people for a very long time, it was changed slightly. Instead of account set acc/key value you now type account acc set key value, so just the usual set command syntax, with account acc in front of it to indicate you're changing an account setting. For consistency, the other subcommands also had their arguments swapped, i.e. account acc on instead of account on acc.

  • You can also create additional control channels, containing a subset of your contact list.
    • Say, a channel with only your Facebook contacts. If you have only one Facebook account, just typing /join &facebook should get you this channel.

    • Or a channel with all contacts in the group "Work". Just type /join &work. (Works if you already have a group called "Work" defined, for example using a different client.)

      • You can also use /invite to invite other people into this channel (currently works for MSN and Jabber contacts)/add people to this group.

    • There's a new command channel that you can use to configure channels. Try channel list and channel set 0.

    • There's no channel add, if you want to create a channel, just join it.

      • Example:

           1 00:34:22 -!- Irssi: Join to &demo was synced in 0 secs
           2 00:34:41 <@wilmer> chan list
           3 00:34:41 <@roet>  0. &bitlbee, control channel (joined)
           4 00:34:41 <@roet>  1. &Twitter_Wilmer, chat channel (joined)
           5 00:34:41 <@roet>  2. &demo, control channel (joined)
           6 00:34:41 <@roet> End of channel list
           7 00:34:44 <@wilmer> chan 2 set
           8 00:34:44 <@roet> type = `control'
           9 00:34:44 <@roet> account is empty
          10 00:34:44 <@roet> fill_by = `all'
          11 00:34:44 <@roet> group is empty
          12 00:34:52 <@wilmer> chan 2 set fill_by account
          13 00:34:52 -!- bitlbee [bitlbee@hotmail.com] has left &demo []
          14 00:34:52 -!- twitter_Wilmer [twitter_Wilmer@twitter] has left &demo []
          15 00:34:52 -!- wilmer__ [wilmer@bitlbee.org] has left &demo []
          16 00:34:52 <@roet> fill_by = `account'
          17 00:35:13 <@wilmer> chan 2 set account msn
          18 00:35:19 -!- bitlbee [bitlbee@hotmail.com] has joined &demo
          19 00:35:19 -!- wilmer__ [wilmer@bitlbee.org] has joined &demo
          20 00:35:19 -!- ServerMode/&demo [+v wilmer__] by peer.bitlbee.org
          21 00:35:19 <@roet> account = `msn(wilmer@bitlbee.org)'
  • Creating a groupchat is more natural now: /join #movienight and you just invite all people you want to talk to in there. The chat with command will keep working as well for now.

  • You don't have to type the full root commands anymore. For example, try typing ac list, which does the same thing as account list. (Sadly for now this only applies to the command, not to sub commands, so ac li doesn't currently work.

  • Idle/login times of contacts show up in /whois when this information is available.

  • paste_buffer (previously known as buddy_sendbuffer) now works for chats as well.

  • The IRC core is separated from all instant messaging logic now. It should now be possible to write a non-IRC user interface for BitlBee.

Those are the main changes at the moment. The new codebase will make it much easier to add more features though, so keep watching this list. If you can't wait to try this out, here's just a list of known issues:

  • I've run it myself full-time for a few weeks now, with no issues! But the code is quite fresh and has only been used by the author (who's aware of the limitations and what may make it crash) so far. ;-)

  • If you have named chatrooms set up (using the chat command): These aren't automatically migrated yet. Automatic joining also doesn't work at the moment. This will definitely change in the near future, though.

  • Documentation's a bit behind on most facts!
  • Some settings/features you may have been using, may not be available in the new branch yet. I may have forgotten about it. Please feel free to report things that are missing in #bitlbee on irc.oftc.net.

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