BitlBee ui-fix branch, or: BitlBee TNG

Over the last months I've rewritten most of the IRC core of BitlBee. This was on the roadmap for a long time, but more a long term plan. Many feature requests were postponed "until the IRC core rewrite is done", etc. Now, this work is finally done (or at least nearing completion).

The branch can be found at Debian packages are also available, as usual. The branch is based on the killerbee branch, so it also has the file transfer/libpurple functionality.

Here's a quick summary of all the changes. Right now this Wiki page is the only form of documentation for most of the new functionality, the built-in help may lag on some subjects.

Those are the main changes at the moment. The new codebase will make it much easier to add more features though, so keep watching this list. If you can't wait to try this out, here's just a list of known issues: