Changing your password

There are two kinds of passwords in BitlBee:

In both cases, the password is just a setting. But for security reasons, the setting is write-only. This means that you can change it, but when you try it, BitlBee will always say the setting is empty/unset.

Changing the identify password

   1 20:56:51 <wilmer> set password newpassword
   2 20:56:51 <root> Setting changed successfully

Changing account passwords

If you changed the password of your IM account (via the provider's website, using their native client, or however), you can change the password in your BitlBee configs so you can connect to the account again like this. Assuming you changed the password of your first account:

   1 20:56:56 <wilmer> account 0 set password newpassword
   2 20:56:56 <root> Setting changed successfully

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