Converting Pidgin configs to BitlBee

In case you're migrating to BitlBee from Pidgin, Finch or Adium, there may be a useful tool in the utils subdirectory (some packages install it under /usr/share/doc/bitlbee) called If you can't find it, you can find a copy on It reads libpurple configs and generates account add commands that you can paste in your &bitlbee, like this:

wilmer@ruby:~/src/bitlbee/devel$ utils/ -f ~/.purple/
To copy all your Pidgin accounts to BitlBee, just copy-paste the following
commands into your &bitlbee channel:

account add yahoo wiltux xxx
account add oscar 55707076 xxx
account add msn xxx

With a flag -x it will instead generate XML data that you can write to your account file in /var/lib/bitlbee.

The script doesn't currently read the aliases file, but maybe a future version will. Patches are welcome!

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