Setting up an NWSChat account in BitlBee

NWSChat is an Instant Messaging program utilized by U.S. National Weather Service operational personnel to share critical warning decision expertise and other types of significant weather information essential to the NWS's mission of saving lives and property. NWSChat requires registration and approval by the weather office that you are going to be coordinating with.

To use your NWSChat account in BitlBee:

   1 14:45 <weather> account add jabber foobar
   2 14:45 <root> Account successfully added
   3 14:53 <weather> account on
   4 14:53 <root> Trying to get all accounts connected...
   5 14:55 <root> jabber( - Logging in: Connected to server, logging in
   6 14:55 <root> jabber( - Logging in: Converting stream to TLS
   7 14:55 <root> jabber( - Logging in: Connected to server, logging in
   8 14:55 <root> jabber( - Logging in: Authentication finished
   9 14:55 <root> jabber( - Logging in: Authenticated, requesting buddy list
  10 14:55 <root> jabber( - Logging in: Logged in

Once you are logged in, the users from your associated weather office will show up in your user list. Next, you need to add the chat room for your weather office. In this example, we'll be using the EAX office's chat (eaxchat).

   1 14:55 <weather> chat add jabber
   2 14:55 <root> Chatroom successfully added.
   3 14:55 <weather> /join #eaxchat

And now you should be ready to relay weather reports with the professionals!

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