How to connect to STO (Cryptic Studios: Star Trek Online) - XMPP (Jabber) Services via !BitlBee

Cryptic has provided experimental support for Gold members (Lifetime Subscribers, or "LTS") allowing connections to in game channels using XMPP.

To connect, you will need a lifetime subscription to Star Trek Online. Secondly, you'll need the libpurple branch of BitlBee



It's recommended if one method doesn't work for you, try the other.

Here is a typical add-line for the email account method (note, the '@' in the email address is replaced with a \40 escape sequence):

Here is an add-line using an account number:

This is enough to get connected. You should be able to command:


At this point you may want to use custom chat channels. The difference here is you will connect to server: "" Here is an example add-line:

Live Long and Prosper,


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