Setting up Skypeweb with Bitlbee

Skypeweb is a libpurple plugin that doesn't require you to run a skype client in the background. As the name suggests, it uses

It supports both skype usernames and microsoft accounts ("msn")

Building and installing

Follow the instructions in

You need bitlbee-libpurple, see HowtoPurple

Adding the account

account add skypeweb username password
account skypeweb on


If something doesn't work, check if logging in through works. See the Skypeweb troubleshooting chart:

To enable the "alt login" option mentioned in the above flowchart from bitlbee, you can use the commands:

account skypeweb off
account skypeweb set alt-login true
account skypeweb on

Skype status announcements:

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