How to StatusNet

BitlBee has support for StatusNet, an open source social networking and micro-blogging Software based on the OpenMicroBlogging specification. It uses the same protocol as twitter, but defaults to a base_url pointing at an, and with OAuth disabled.

Note: since new doesn't support StatusNet API, you should change the API base_url to your active StatusNet instance. if you don't know what is your base_url address, follow StatusNet API Discovery.

To use your StatusNet account in BitlBee do as follow.

<nick> account add identica <handle> [<password>]
<root> Account successfully added
<nick> account identica set oauth false
<root> oauth = `false'
<nick> account identica set base_url ''
<root> base_url = `'
<nick> account identica set password <MyTopSecretPassword>
<root> Setting changed successfully
<nick> account identica on
<root> Trying to get all accounts connected...
<root> identica - Logging in: Connecting

The optional password on the first step is not needed, as it is set in a later step. It's unclear why there's even an option to supply the password there.

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