Can I use bitlbee to connect to IRC?

Short answer

No. Go away.

Long answer

Libpurple has an IRC module, but using it is not recommended at all.

Partial list of things that are missing compared to a real client (as of bitlbee 3.4.2)

We have no plans to improve any of this unless it also applies to other protocols, and we won't provide support for any issues that only affect this protocol.

Adding the account

If you understand all of this and still wish to use it, see HowtoPurple and add the account like this in &bitlbee:

account add irc

Joining channels

Do this in &bitlbee:

chat add irc #channel

Then /join #channel

Sending private messages to users who are not in a channel

Do this in &bitlbee:

add irc nickname

Then /query nickname

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