Group chats in bitlbee using most Jabber servers

See GtalkGroupchats for Google Talk accounts specifically.

1. First of all, add the account if you haven't already, eg:

account add jabber [password]

2. Then add the chatroom using the chat add command. Most jabber room names take the form roomname@conference.server.

chat add [account]

You can optionally append a different name for the channel to be created; it will default to the room name. [Aside: chat add is shorthand for a bunch of channel commands.]

3. If the chatroom is password protected, set the password:

channel [id] set password [password]

4. Activate your accounts

account on

5. Join the channel now associated with the group chat (chat list if you are unsure)

/join #myroom

Ad hoc chats

If you are running bitlbee 3.0.5 or above, you can create ad-hoc chats with people using the standard approach for all protocols of /join #something and /invite people.

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