Self-messages are messages sent by yourself from other locations (for example, mobile clients).

They are a feature introduced in bitlbee 3.4.2, which requires special IRC client and IM server support to work.

If your client shows these messages in the wrong window, bug the developers to fix it. It's basically just a PRIVMSG with your own hostmask in the source and the nick of someone else in the target.

IRC client support

Client list originally copied from

The following clients support self messages out of the box:

The following clients don't support it, and may show them in the wrong window:

"self_messages" setting

For clients that don't support it, the self_messages setting exists:

In other words, you may show them with a ->  prefix by doing this:

set self_messages prefix

Or disable them completely with:

set self_messages false

IM protocol support

The following IM protocols support this feature

Not supported yet:

Not supported by the service itself (file a bug if this is wrong)

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